Hall of Fame

PLHS Athletes
’27 Faye Baird Fraser—First woman surf champion *
’32 Jack Prodanovich—Free-Diving *
’36 Florence Chadwick—Swam English Channel *
’45 Malin Burnham—World-class sailor
’47 Don Larsen—NY Yankees, pitched perfect game in World Series
’47 Lowell North—World-class sailor
’58 Fred Sills—SD Hall of Champions for coaching CIF track and volleyball
’60 Dennis Conner—World-class sailor
’61 Larry Penacho—Water-skiing
’62 Jeff Staggs—St. Louis Cardinals *
’65 Greg Slough—LA Rams
’70 Peter McNab—NHL; Buffalo, Boston, Vancouver, New Jersey, Team USA ’86
’71 Craig Settles—SD Padres
’73 Mark Reynolds—World-class sailor
’77 Kelly Rickon Mitchell—Crew
’80 Cecil Espey II—Baseball
’80 Jacqui Nicoletti McSorley—LPGA
’81 Waad Hirmez—SD Sockers championship teams
’82 David Wells—NY Yankees, pitched perfect game in Major League ballgame;
SD Padres; also pitched perfect game in high school!
’83 Eric Allen—Oakland Raiders
’87 Terri Mann—Girls’ basketball
’90 J. J. Stokes—SF 49ers
’92 La’Roi Glover—Oakland Raiders, N.O. Saints, Dallas Cowboys, St. Louis Rams,
6 Pro Bowl appearances

*  Deceased

More info about each alumni here.