Eligibility for Athletics

Students must have an unweighted scholastic and citizenship average of 2.0 or better to compete in athletics. These grades are checked every grading period and include Advisory class (if applicable). Some PLHS programs may require a higher standard of academics.

**San Diego Unified School District determines the exact dates when students become eligible or ineligible. It is NOT necessarily the end of the grading period or the day progress reports are distributed. To see the dates, please reference the document “SDUSD Athletic Eligibility Grading Period Dates“.

Students must also be enrolled at PLHS full-time in order to participate in our Athletic programs (*SDUSD Atypical schools have some exceptions…please contact avanheuven@sandi.net with questions). Charter and Home School students are not eligible to participate in Point Loma High School sports.

Students must clear all school debts in order to participate in PLHS sports.