Course Outline

6th Period Athletics Course Outline

Point Loma High School strives to keep all of our athletes in top physical condition, injury -free and mentally prepared for the competitive season. Our 6th Period Athletics course is a unique opportunity for student athletes from different sports to train together in an effort to improve overall physical fitness, versatility, and depth. During their off-season(s), Pointer athletes participate in training sessions including (but not limited to):

– Cardiovascular endurance

– Strength training

– Speed and agility

– Flexibility and injury prevention

– Explosive power

– Core training

Our goal is to have athletes push each other during these sessions and eventually transfer these skills onto the playing field/court/mat/pool/track.

We believe that building a culture of healthy, competitive, social and educated competitors will improve all of our athletic programs and pave the path for countless CIF and State champions!

Go Pointers!