Pointers News · Coach V Steps Down as Athletic Director

Photo by Cierra Gray


Dear PLHS,
While many of you may have heard the rumor, I want to confirm officially that I am stepping down as Athletic Director at Point Loma High School.
This decision was a difficult one for me and it came with a lot of mixed emotions (especially as I have come to consider many members of the PLHS staff, student population and community my family). Stepping away from these bonds that I hold so dear is very hard for me.
That being said, it is time for me to focus on the next phase of my life and spend more time with my family.
Before I leave, I want to share some thoughts:
1. Coaches make High Schools great.
⁃ Working with the PLHS Coaching staff has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I have never met more passionate, committed and selfless people. They get paid next-to-nothing but give our athletes their all. I truly believe that coaches are the backbone to any high school campus and that PLHS has the strongest coaching staff in San Diego County.
2. Sports are supposed to be fun.
⁃ With everything going on in the world right now, I hope that when sports DO return we remember: they are meant to be fun! Yes losing builds character, training hard fosters a good work ethic, and strict rules develop accountability…BUT…if the kids aren’t having fun, then the adults are doing something wrong.
3. Being inclusive is cool.
⁃ If I could leave only one legacy behind for the next AD, it would be the Unity Game. What started as just a small idea 5 years ago has grown into a staple in our community. It is a night where we realize that ALL students should be given the opportunity to shine in the athletic arena and be celebrated by their peers. It is also an event that represents the incredible, accepting nature of our student body.

The new PLHS Athletic Director has yet to be named.  I am confident, however, that he/she will lead this school with strength, patience and integrity.

I want to thank all of you who have made this experience so special to me.

Go Pointers!

⁃ Coach V