Pointers News · PLHS At-Home Workouts Used by Entire District

In light of the recent school closures, athletic season suspensions and the new “stay-at-home” order, San Diego Unified School District has decided to use Point Loma High School’s at-home workouts for ALL SDUSD student athletes.

The district would like all of their athletes to start using these videos and engaging in a little friendly competition. All workouts will be posted on the district website here: http://sdusdathletics.com/workouts/

Students should complete the workout, post a short video clip of one portion of the workout on Instagram, note their sport and high school, tag 3 of their friends, and hashtag #sdusdathlete.

Point Loma will be the first school to start this healthy, active trend and the district is hoping that all of their schools and students will follow soon after.

Let’s Stay Healthy Pointers!